Workshop: Demystifying Digital Security

A workshop to help entertainment industry workers get a better grasp of the digital landscape and improve their security posture

Tuesday, May 23, 2023, 4-6 pm (ET) on Zoom  

Dance artist and arts administrator turned cyber security professional Andrea Roberts takes us down the information highway at Demystifying Digital Security. With online methods now the norm for contracting, ticketing, and information sharing in general, protecting personal information has become an essential topic in the entertainment industry for companies and artists alike. 

Technology moves quickly, and so does our industry, so let’s take the first step of learning together. We’ll work on making digital security concepts accessible for everyone to help you have the biggest impact on your personal security with the least amount of effort and cost. You don’t need to be an expert to take steps towards protection! 

  Andrea will cover such topics as:

  • Understanding the digital landscape 
  • Basic cyber hygiene
  • Passwords, patching, and phishing/phone scams 
  • Protecting your data
  • Assessing risk and determining priorities
  • Communicating about prevention with your IT team, web designer, staff, and board
  • Helpful resources

This workshop is geared towards individual industry members as well as leaders of small organizations. 

Accessibility: ASL interpretation, closed captions. Please, get in touch with us if you require additional accommodations.


Meet Andrea

Andrea Roberts worked as a rehearsal director and arts administrator for more than two decades, as the Admissions and Records Manager at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre. She has served on a number of arts council juries and boards of dance organizations. Andrea is a respected dance historian who holds an MA in Dance Studies from York University and a Certificate in Information Systems Management from TMU (Ted Rogers/Chang School).

In the studio, Andrea has been involved in the creative process of more than twenty choreographers. In 2018, she was on the artistic team for Sylvain Émard’s Le Grand Continental, coaching community members and performing in a remount for Toronto’s Luminato Festival. In 2021, Roberts transitioned careers, graduating from the TMU / Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst, Accelerated Cybersecurity Training Program (ACTP). She now works as a Consultant in Cyber and Strategic Risk.

Photo: Dahlia Katz

Demystifying Digital Security

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