Financial Wellness Program

Reduce your stress • Talk to understanding professionals • Renew your confidence

The Financial Wellness Program helps entertainment professionals working in all aspects of film and TV, theatre, music and dance to build and maintain financial stability.

Work in the entertainment industry poses unique challenges and risks, making it difficult to stay on an even keel in an unpredictable career. The Financial Wellness Program is designed to empower you to build financial resiliency while continuing to do the work that you love.

The Financial Wellness Program is made possible through the generous support of Richard Rooney and Laura Dinner.

How to take part in the program

We are pleased to offer several free services to entertainment industry workers. In order to match you to the service that would best suit your needs, please let us know what aspect of financial wellness you are interested in, and how we can reach you, below.

An AFC staff member will follow up directly with you to review your situation and suggest resources and services that can help you reach your goals.

Help someone

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