Financial Wellness Program

The Financial Wellness Program helps entertainment professionals working in all aspects of film and TV, theatre, music and dance build and maintain financial stability.

Work in the entertainment industry poses unique challenges and risks, making it difficult to stay on an even keel in an unpredictable career. The Financial Wellness Program is designed to empower you to build financial resiliency while continuing to do the work that you love.

The Financial Wellness Program is made possible through the generous support of Richard Rooney and Laura Dinner.

Video Series: Financial Wellness During COVID-19

Join opera singer and financial planner Chris Enns and The AFC’s senior program worker Christine Rossi-Wright for a conversation on how to stay focused on financial wellness during the pandemic. In the first part of this new series, Christine and Chris will talk about finding your financial footing during difficult times. Tune in if you are looking for tools to help you assess your resources – financial and non-financial, determine your needs, connect with your feelings and emotions, and access your strengths.

In the next two videos, opera singer and financial planner Chris Enns and The AFC’s senior program worker Christine Rossi-Wright talk about the reality of having to make tough financial decisions around such issues as debt, housing/home, and loss of employment/income in the middle of the pandemic. They will touch upon issues like decision fatigue, dealing with change, loss of identity and will discuss financial tools and professionals that can help with starting to understand tough and complex processes like consumer proposals, bankruptcy, mortgages/renting, and more.


Check out additional resources to stay focused on financial wellness during COVID-19.

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