Resources and Support Services: New Brunswick

Crisis Lines/Mental Health Awareness

Saint John Community Mental Health Services
Call: 1-888-811-3664

The Saint John Community Mental Health Service provides community-based mental health services in short term and long term rehabilitation, child and youth services, senior services, crisis programs and specialized mental health services for those involved with the legal system.

Addiction and Mental Health Services, Moncton
Call: 1-866-771-7760

Addiction & Mental Health Services provide a range of services for individuals, youth, and family members affected by substance abuse, problem gambling and mental health issues.

Specialized Addiction Services many include inpatient detoxification, outpatient counselling, methadone maintenance, group counselling and support, as well as referral to short-term or long-term rehabilitation.

Capital Region Mental Health & Addictions Association (Fredericton)
Call: (506) 453-2132

CRMHAA is a strong advocate for persons with mental illness and their families in Fredericton. Here’s how our charity makes a difference in your community:

Advocating for mental health clients and their families within the mental health system

  • Employment support for those ready to return to work or education
  • A place to learn life skills, regain confidence and respect within our REACH program.
  • Facilitating support groups for mental health clients, caregivers of mental health clients, and those impacted by the suicide of a loved one.
  • Outreach and advocacy for the homeless in partnership with the John Howard Society
  • Educating the public and corporations on mental health matters
  • Offering certification in Suicide Intervention and Mental Health First Aid

Income Assistance

Social Assistance Program
Call: (506) 453-2001
Email: sd-ds@gnb.ca

Financial assistance is given to people who have no other income to meet their basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. By law social assistance is the payer of last resort. This means that all other income must be considered when determining how many dollars will be provided.

A person or household is simply assessed to find out whether or not they need help based on all income of all members living in the household. This means that there is no discrimination with regard to gender, marital status, or sexual orientation. Also, there is no need to ask about the relationships of the people in the household.

A person or household who gets social assistance may be able to receive other benefits. All social assistance clients get a health card. This helps pay for things like prescription drugs, dental and vision care, and some other health needs. Some clients may be able to get help to pay for their winter fuel. Some disabled clients receive a disability supplement in the amount of $100.00 monthly.

Disability Support Program
Call: (506) 453-2001
Email: sd-ds@gnb.ca

Provides personalized, flexible disability supports for persons with disabilities in the development of their personal disability support plans. It allows for the provision of independent facilitation and the use of person-centred approaches to planning and designing disability supports.

The Disability Support program has a two-pronged service delivery model which allows individuals to self-manage their case plan or request the support of a social worker. Individuals who opt for the self-managed model will initially meet with the department to determine their strengths and unmet needs to develop a case plan. The individual would manage the services to address their needs themselves thereafter. Individuals who request the ongoing support of a social worker will meet with the social worker to determine their strengths and needs to develop a case plan and then will receive regular contact, advocacy and support from the social worker.


Saint John Non Profit Housing Inc.
Call: (506) 658-1925
Email: sjnph@rogers.com

Service Description

The Affordable Housing Service provides housing options for low and moderate-income seniors, families and special groups. The service develops, operates and maintains affordable housing units, sometimes in partnership with others. In addressing housing needs in Saint John, the service works with other community-based housing groups to 
• exchange information and provide support 
• interact with all levels of government to make sure funding levels are  
• develop and implement social policy for housing

Second Stage Safe Haven Inc.
Call: (506) 632-9289
Email: refuge@nb.aibn.com

Service Description

Second Stage Safe Haven provides ongoing support, counselling and programs in conjunction with temporary, long term and safe affordable housing for abused women and abused women and their children.

Food Banks

New Brunswick Association of Food Banks/Food Depot Alimentaire
Call: (506) 383-4281
Website: fooddepot.ca

Food Depot Alimentaire (FDA) is a registered, non-profit charitable organization that serves food banks, community kitchens, after-school programs and other supportive agencies across Southeastern New Brunswick. Our primary functions include food storage and distribution, fundraising and food collection and advocacy for the people we serve and the agencies we support.