Resources and Support Services: Quebec

Crisis Lines/Mental Health Awareness

Quebec Association of Suicide Prevention
Call: 1-866-277-3553
Website: aqps.info/besoin-aide-urgente/

Suicide prevention centers are staffed by professionals, qualified practitioners and volunteers trained to handle all requests for help and answer your questions. In addition, these organizations are very active in their community to prevent suicide.

If you need help for you or someone close to you, call 1 866 CALL (277 3553) and your call will be automatically routed to your area resource.

The Quebec Crisis Centre
Call: (418) 688-4240

Every day, at the Quebec Crisis Center, we seek to alleviate the plight of people in crisis and their loved ones. We provide an immediate response and offer a full range of free and confidential crisis intervention services.

The telephone intervention, in service 24/7, helps to defuse the crisis. This service is offered to the person living in a crisis situation, to the entourage or to professionals and professionals from the community, public or private sector.

Action on Mental Illness Montreal
Association Iris – Montreal North: (514) 388-9233
Centre L’Autre Maison – Montreal South-west: (514) 768-7225
Entremise – Montreal East: (514) 351-9592
Le Transit – Montreal East: (514) 282-7753
West Island Crisis Centre – West Island: (514) 684-6160

Income Assistance

Quebec Social Assistance, Social Solidarity
Call: (514) 873-4000, 1-877-767-8773

These financial assistance programs are designed to help low-income individuals and families with their social integration and job integration.

Depending on your circumstances, you may qualify for last-resort financial assistance.

You may also qualify for income support to reimburse certain expenses if you take part in specific programs or employment measures.

The amount of financial assistance you receive depends on your situation.

If you do not have a severely limited capacity for employment, you could be eligible for the Social Assistance Program.

If you have a severely limited capacity for employment, you could be eligible for the Social Solidarity Program. You will have to submit a medical report.


La Société d’habitation du Québec
Call: 1 800 463-4315
Email: infoshq@shq.gouv.qc.ca
Website: habitation.gouv.qc.ca, English version: habitation.gouv.qc.ca/english.html

La SHQ a pour mission de répondre aux besoins en habitation des citoyens du Québec. Elle offre des logements à loyer modique et abordables aux ménages dans le besoin et propose un éventail de programmes d’aide favorisant la construction, la rénovation, l’adaptation de domicile et l’accession à la propriété.


  • Improving housing conditions.
  • Housing assistance programs.
  • List of cooperatives, non-profit housing organizations, technical resources groups and housing offices in Québec: www.habitation.gouv.qc.ca/repertoire
  • Complaints reception on services provided by the SHQ or one of its partners.

Food Banks

Food Banks of Quebec/Les Banques Alimentaires de Quebec
Call: (514) 344-0789
Email: info@banquesalimentaires.org

Service Description

Food Banks of Quebec ensures the fair distribution of food between its member Moissons across Quebec and ensures the pooling of resources, expertise, and information in order to better serve the needs of Quebecers who live in poverty and need to rely on community organizations for emergency food assistance.

Call for information on local food banks.