Hayley Schmalz

MSW, RSW (Ont.), she/her

Hayley Schmalz is a registered social worker and works as a Case Manager with The AFC. Hayley holds a Diploma, Undergraduate Degree, and Master’s Degree, all in social work. In her role with The AFC, Hayley provides client advocacy, counselling support, and tailored referrals to additional services. She also engages in collaborative planning to help maintain life stabilization. More recently, Hayley has developed a Counselling Pilot Program with The AFC to support those who face barriers in accessing affordable mental health services.  

Previously, Hayley worked in several roles in mental health counselling, housing, and harm reduction case management with houseless and underhoused populations. Hayley’s expertise has been in supporting those with complex mental health and substance use.

As a visual artist, Hayley shares a strong connection to the arts sector. She is also a passionate supporter of music, art exhibits, and film and television.