You help entertainment professionals like Sharon keep doing the work they were meant to do

In January 2016, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 invasive breast cancer.

My husband Carson and I are both self-employed theatre artists, with two kids in university and a young child at home. We were totally blindsided by this sudden event in our lives.

The AFC was there for us.

You were there for us.

With the help of The AFC, my husband and I were able to focus on my treatment without the added stress of worrying about how we were going to pay our bills.

My husband became the primary caregiver of myself and our young son. Without him at home to look after our child, take me to appointments and be there for emotional support, I’m not sure how we could have gotten through it.

The AFC’s financial support meant more to us than just covering our expenses, it made us feel supported by our performing community across the country. It allowed us to keep our dignity at a time when we could have fallen into despair.

It provided me with the comfort of knowing that my husband and children would be all right when I couldn’t work and needed their help to look after me.

Over the years, Carson and I have donated to The AFC, performed in benefit shows and organized fundraisers.

We are so grateful to you for also supporting The AFC. For supporting us.

The AFC is such an important organization and I can’t imagine the devastating impact being without it would have on our community.

Entertainment industry workers have so much uncertainty in our lives and that instability is often what makes people leave our industry. I believe that The AFC helps keep our community safe and provides a security that our industry doesn’t.

I always tell people in my industry to donate to The AFC in place of opening night gifts, film wraps or premieres. I explain to people outside my industry how The AFC helps us keep creating the work that they enjoy.

And now, I ask you to continue your support of entertainment professionals by donating to The AFC today.

Your donation will help people like me not only stay in their homes, put food on the table and keep their lights on, but to do so with their dignity intact.

Help industry workers to overcome an unexpected challenge and get back to doing the work that they love.

Thank you,

Sharon Bajer
Playwright, Actor and Director

P.S. Watch a video my husband made documenting my cancer journey below: