Lobby Chats

A series of industry panel discussions

The AFC’s Lobby Chats bring together people who have experience, passion, and knowledge of critical topics that directly impact the members of Canada’s entertainment industry. Whether we’re talking to freelancers, leaders, administrators, or service providers, these conversations offer a compassionate knowledge-sharing platform where our community can come together to help each other grow and flourish in the industry on both personal and professional levels.

Lobby Chats focus on the individual’s experience, the person who is navigating what is known to be a precarious career path in arts and entertainment. These conversations will hone in on the areas of financial wellness, mental health, and career sustainability. At the end of each chat, audiences will have a chance to ask questions and join the conversation in the spirit of community support and learning.

Lobby Chats will be back for another season in Fall 2022.

Introducing: Lobby Chats

The AFC’s new knowledge-sharing series in which community members can come together to help each other grow and thrive.