Managing Financial Stress

Financial Wellness Workshop: Managing Financial Stress 

Thursday, January 27, 2022, 1-3 pm (ET) on Zoom

Money is one of the top stressors in people’s lives, and there’s no shortage of ways our finances weigh on us. Balancing our need for financial security and mental wellness is essential, and that’s where the Managing Financial Stress workshop with Amanda Mills and Tova Epp from Artbooks could help. 

This two-hour workshop will help you reframe your financial picture and examine the attitudes that provoke financial stress. This workshop will cover how to take stock of the money you have now and re-evaluate how much you really earn per hour on those “lucrative” side gigs. Amanda and Tova will also guide you in finding your strengths with money and recognizing the value of non-financial assets and goals that make life so satisfying so that you can learn ‘the power of enough.’ They believe that by knowing where you stand financially, you can take a significant step in the right direction to de-stress your relationship with money.

This workshop is co-presented by The AFC and Artbooks, as part of The AFC’s Financial Wellness Program, which is made possible through the generous support from Richard Rooney and Laura Dinner.

The workshop is free to attend. ASL interpretation and closed captioning will be provided.


Amanda Mills

Amanda Mills is a tax professional, financial therapist and business manager who has been passionately supporting the arts all her life. Mills founded Artbooks, the first Canadian organization dedicated to helping artists and arts organizations with their financial management issues, over 35 years ago. In 2001, bringing together her work on trauma with 20 years of business management, Mills started Loose Change Financial Therapy, a place where money and feelings meet.

Tova Epp

Tova Epp is a tax preparer/actor/certified animals-in-disaster rescuer. She’s been working at Artbooks for over 12 years doing the taxes of many incredible artists. Tova graduated with a BFA-Distinction from Concordia University. When she’s not at Artbooks, she can be seen at one of her many other jobs around the city or auditioning for yet another commercial.

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