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Government of Manitoba

Jobs on Market

Jobs on Market provides free services, including:

  • advice
  • onsite computer & printing services
  • job bank information
  • financial support for essentials
  • help with resume writing
  • job listings
  • voicemail services
  • ongoing assessment & support from employment counsellors
  • grocery vouchers

Skills and Development Centres

There are Jobs and Skills Development Centres across the Manitoba. General inquires can be directed to (204) 945-0575 or mjsd@gov.mb.ca.

Skills and Employment Partnerships

Skills and Employment Partnership Centres offer a wide range of services, including:

  • employment needs assessment
  • employment/career counselling
  • referrals to community agencies
  • information on job openings & the labour market
  • information on training options/opportunities & community organizations
  • job search assistance
  • access to computers
  • Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition 
  • skills training & upgrading
  • job placement
  • pre-employment preparation 
  • work experience/training placements
  • training for self-employment
  • work placement with wage subsidy 
  • apprenticeship training assistance
  • financial assistance

Specific programs include: