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Government of New Brunswick 

Training and Skills Development

TSD selectively provides grants to people who have been referred by an employment counsellor and meet the program criteria. The focus is to help clients receive training or educational programs which will allow for a quick return to work.

Apprenticeship & Trades

The apprenticeship program is a combination of on-the-job training and in-class learning in order to be certified as a journeyperson. Most apprenticeships take 2-4 years and approximately 80% of that time is spent in paid on-the-job training and 20% is spent on technical/in-school learning.

*temporarily suspended due to COVID-19

Workplace Essential Skills Program (WES)

Free for adult residents of New Brunswick, participants of WES are assessed on:

  • reading
  • document use
  • writing
  • numeracy
  • oral communication
  • working with others
  • thinking skills
  • computer use
  • continuous learning

Based on the results, the client and case manager will customize a training plan.

Work Ability

“The Work Ability Program provides work experience opportunities to unemployed individuals who require a job placement to overcome a barrier as identified through their employment action plan. Placed with an employer, they can work towards becoming job ready by establishing a career goal, developing skills, or addressing specific needs.”