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Career Resilience Workshop Series

Helping Canada’s arts and entertainment professionals work through career challenges in the middle of the pandemic

Workshop 1: Identifying Skills and Possibilities

Monday, November 9th, 12-1.15 pm (EST)

In this workshop, Mark Franklin of CareerCycles will discuss transferable skills, attitudes, and knowledge and talk about related and relevant employment and self-employment possibilities for arts and entertainment industry workers experiencing loss of work during the COVID-19 pandemic. The workshop will be delivered through interactive activities and guided group discussions, supported by a proven, evidence-based career framework and success stories.

Workshop 2: How to Use LinkedIn to be Visible, Present Your Best Self, Uncover Opportunities

Friday, November 13th, 12-1.15 pm (EST)

Refine or create your online presence with an optimized LinkedIn profile, headline, summary, experience sections, and more. Learn how to present your best self, post, join groups, get discovered, explore job opportunities, and connect professionally on this important social network. 

Workshop 3: Resume Revamp: Tell Your Story and Get Interviews

Wednesday, November 18th, 12-1.15 pm (EST)

Entertainment industry professionals have unique challenges when searching for jobs. We’ll analyze relevant sample postings and learn tips and techniques to transform your entertainment industry resume into an effective document that gets interviews. Integrate transferable skills, attitudes, and knowledge into a tightly written, better organized and formatted resume that tells your story in a compelling way. 

About Mark Franklin

Mark Franklin leads the team at CareerCycles, a career management social enterprise that has helped 5000+ people manage their careers for the future, including hundreds in arts, entertainment and design, at the Dancer Transition Resource Centre, IATSE and NABS. He co-founded a narrative tools start-up, OneLifeTools, through which he co-authored the Who You Are Matters! game and Online Storyteller web application. Mark also teaches career management at the University of Toronto. In 2015, he received the Stu Conger Award for Leadership in Career Development. Mark consulted with hundreds of organizations in his earlier engineering career. Changing careers, Mark earned a Masters in counselling psychology and led student services initiatives in two of Canada’s largest universities. Always seeking ways to unlock the power of storytelling, Mark hosts the Career Buzz radio show and podcast showcasing inspiring career stories. 

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