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Prime Time Charity Challenge 2020

Prime Time Charity Challenge is back in 2020! We are excited to be kicking off the new year and the new decade with a giving challenge during the Canadian Media Producers Association’s Prime Time conference in Ottawa, which takes place January 29-31, 2020.

Prime Time is CMPA’s annual conference and industry event for leaders in Canadian media production, broadcasting, television, and feature film. This year, the focus of the Prime Time Charity Challenge is mental health.

The challenge will officially kick off in the morning of January 30th, with all contributions pledged over the course of the conference going towards supporting The AFC’s mental health initiatives:

Compassionate and Confidential Support for Industry Members

Anyone in the arts and entertainment community can call The AFC for compassionate and confidential support with a tough situation. We assist someone experiencing a mental health challenge and help them carve out a path to improved well-being by providing a bridge to mental health resources in the community.

Mental Health First Aid Training for the Canadian Film & TV Industry

The AFC is a leader in providing human services to the entertainment industry. In 2020 we will offer the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s Mental Health First Aid training to entertainment industry employers, workplaces, groups and individuals.

Research and Development of Innovative Industry-specific Programs and Services

In the spring of 2020, The AFC will launch the Maintaining Mental Wellness pilot project designed to meet the unique needs of entertainment industry members. The project will encourage industry workers to proactively learn about, plan for and manage their mental health needs. Services will help people build on existing supports and provide individualized advocacy, case management and education to help industry members better manage their mental health for a more sustainable working life.


If you are at Prime Time in Ottawa and want to make a donation or pledge your support, please visit our Executive Director David Hope at The AFC table in the exhibition area. You can also donate online or through the Prime Time app (find The AFC under Exhibitors and follow the link.)

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