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Supporter Spotlight: Dana Reznik

Dana Reznik’s energy is infectious even over the phone.

She’s been driving all night and has pulled over to take my call, but she sounds enthusiastic and alert. It’s immediately clear why she’s so good at organizing events and bringing people together.

Reznik has been working in the Canadian entertainment industry for 20 years and has helped organize several draws and fundraisers for The AFC.

She wanted to be an actor as a kid but started working as a double when a director saw her photo and thought she would make a perfect double for Kirsten Dunst. That first job led to a few more gigs before she became an ACTRA member and started working as a stand-in.

Reznik says she feels fortunate to do the work that she does.

“The way I look at it is that I wake up early every morning to go to work with more than 64 friends,” she says. “We make a hit show and they pay me to do it, so I feel pretty blessed to be part of the lucky few that actually enjoy their work and the people that they work with.”

While Reznik’s main job over the past twenty years has been as a stand-in, she does have some professional event experience.

“My friends and I used to have a small boutique company and we did events, mostly in the U.S.,” she explains. “We don’t really work together anymore because I am so busy on set but I thought, ‘you know what? People can have fun and raise money,’” she says.

“The other thing is that I’m part of a union and I make a fair bit of money for what I do, and granted there’s a payoff because you are away from your family and whatnot, but part of me feels guilty because so many people struggle, so doing this is just my way of paying it forward,” she says.

For Reznik, holding draws or other fundraisers is not only a way to raise funds for The AFC, but also awareness about the assistance that we provide entertainment industry workers.

“When I explain The AFC to people, I always approach it gently saying ‘We can’t always help ourselves, sometimes you need help and there are people who want to help you.’ I always hope that I make it easier for people to ask for help,” she says.

“And I always remind people that when they are back on their feet and in a good position, they can donate back to The AFC.”

The word that Reznik is a pro-event organizer and fundraiser has spread on Ontario sets.

On the set of the TV show Remedy, actor Enrico Colantoni approached Reznik about raising funds for The AFC and she organized a golf poker tournament, which the cast and crew took part in.

Even though the show is no longer on the air, people still “people ask me if we are going to do it again,” Reznik says.

People have also approached Reznik for direct assistance.

“I had a crew member call me up and say ‘I know you’re really good at fundraising and helping people and I’m wondering if I could get a personal loan from you,” she recalls with a laugh.  “I said, ‘well, I can’t really do that, but let me point you in the direction of The AFC.’”

The AFC is extremely grateful for Dana Reznik’s continued support.

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