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Supporter Spotlight: David Gale

Photo by Suzanne Cyr

Actor, director, writer, producer, improviser and award-winning television host, David Gale was taught about charity and giving at a young age. During Hanukkah, the children in his family would get Hanukkah gelt (money) and no matter how much they got, 10 per cent would be given to charity.

As an adult, Gale initially gave to every cause that asked, but eventually became more selective. The AFC, he says, was a natural choice for his charitable giving as it was “a very directed area that I felt would help one of my communities.”

Besides performing, Gale is also vice-president, communications at ACTRA Toronto, on the executive of ACTRA National, on the Equity Showcase committee that oversees the Cayle Chernin Awards and he teaches Yiddish theatre.

“As an elected board member and executive of ACTRA Toronto, I understand the precarious nature of work for an artist in Canada.  That said, our board works diligently to help make work opportunities as great as possible, it is our passion,” he says.

Gale is also passionate about Jewish culture – “celebrating it, writing about it, performing it.”

“I was born not long – in terms of the history of the world – after the Holocaust. After losing six million Jews from a relatively small global population as well as so much culture … it’s been important to me to have a connection with my culture and it’s been an integral expression of my art,” he explains.

Gale started writing plays, performing and directing when he was around 7 years old and he is still passionate about all of it – especially comedy and improvisation.

“From the first time I performed as a kid and got laughs, it’s been the quest for that great laugh,” he says. “No matter what is happening in the world and in life, laughter is really a great medicine. It can’t necessarily heal, but it can bring joy and moments of delight no matter what situation you are in.”

With a long career in Canada’s entertainment industry, Gale says giving to The AFC is a “no-brainer” for anyone who works in the industry “because work opportunities are so hit and miss and so up and down.

“Sometimes through no fault of our own, we will find ourselves in a situation that becomes dire … in our industry it’s so clear that this is the life that we live and any one of us could be in that position,” he says.

Gale recommends monthly giving as an easy way for industry workers to donate to The AFC.

“Even a small donation once a month will eventually add up to something significant, and it is not that much of a hardship each month,” he says.

“I think the magic of The AFC is that a little bit from a lot of people makes a difference,” he adds. “No individual should feel that they can’t help because they are giving a very little amount – those little donations add up.”

The AFC is extremely grateful for David Gale’s ongoing support.

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