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Supporter Spotlight: Jefferson Mappin

“Acting is not something anyone does for any other reason than a passion for doing it,” says actor Jefferson Mappin. “If they did, there wouldn’t necessarily be a need for an organization like yours.”

The longtime AFC supporter has seen numerous people enter and leave the entertainment industry in his 40-year career.

“I know a lot of actors who couldn’t get enough work early in their career, so they just resigned or went into other businesses. And that’s unfortunate,” he says. “Some of these people I worked with, others  — two or three — that I went to theatre school with didn’t last five years as professional actors.”

Mappin says part of the reason that he’s been able to have such a long and successful career in the industry is due to the fact that he has “a couple of other business interests” that have afforded him an income when he is not working in his preferred field.

He remembers taking part in a show that was asked to do a performance in support of The AFC when he was starting out in theatre in the 70s. He hadn’t heard of The AFC, but once he started talking to friends about it, some of them told him they had turned to The AFC for help with their rent or hydro bills.

“It was through other people’s use of the generosity of The AFC that I got to know about it and I thought it was an amazing thing,” he says.

Since then, Mappin has donated regularly to The AFC. Recently, he began making donations in memory of actors that have passed away.

“Whenever I have a friend who dies, I think back and I remember that most of my friends, and myself, have had time without work for a long time and things have gotten tough, so even if they haven’t used The AFC then they know someone who has,” he explains.

Mappin says he hopes that he helps “people who have been in dire straits who will in turn help other people when they are back working.”

“You always hope that people realize like I did the importance of The AFC when they or a loved one benefits from the help The AFC gives to people,” he adds.

After decades of acting in film and TV, Mappin says he has retired to the stage. Mappin, who started out in theatre, says that it has been easy to transition back.

“I remember why I loved it so much,” he says.

Mappin says he can’t imagine ever giving up performing altogether.

“I haven’t worked for a while because I had a hip replacement and I haven’t walked well for a couple of years. I’m now getting back into it and hoping to get some work shortly, but it’s been driving me crazy,” he says.

“Of course you are dead if you don’t do anything for a while,” he adds with a laugh. “So, I have to keep sending messages to people to say I’m alive but people are starting to realize that and who knows? I may soon be working in a theatre near you.”

The AFC is extremely grateful to Jefferson Mappin for his ongoing support.

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