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Supporter Spotlight: Kim Hume

Kim Hume describes herself as “an arts advocate, a union advocate and a communicator.” It’s therefore not surprising that The AFC is one of the charities she chooses to support through a monthly gift.

“Most people don’t realize that independent contractors are outside our basic security system like EI,” she says. “So, having a lifeline for folks to tide them over when something happens that they can’t control (is important).”

Hume first heard about The AFC when working in communications at ACTRA.

“I wanted to give back to the community and because I knew what The AFC stood for and was doing, that seemed like a logical place to direct my donation,” she explains.

She continued her donations after leaving ACTRA and joining the United Steelworkers as a staff representative in the national office. Her work has helped her see the unique challenges that arts workers face, she says.

“Our society is failing a whole bunch of workers. For sure, they have the advantage of being self-employed and they get some deductions that come with that, but there is also an assumption out there in our world that if you are self-employed, you are making big bucks; for creators, that’s not necessarily the case,” Hume says. “And their income may come in lumps – there might be years where it’s good and years where it’s bad, so it’s precarious for folks and they don’t have the support of employment insurance to tide them over in the dry spells.”

The assistance that The AFC provides goes beyond helping people through emergencies, Hume says.

“I think the other part that you can’t measure would be the creativity lost if people couldn’t continue in their chosen careers,” she says. “The AFC contributions are not only just helping people in need, but keeping those creative people creating.”

Hume continues to make a difference in the lives of entertainment professionals not only through her support of The AFC, but through her work as a union communicator.

“If you are lucky enough to work in a field that you also care about, I think there is some fulfilment that comes from that,” she says of what she likes about the work that she does.

The AFC is lucky to have Hume as a supporter and we are extremely grateful to her for her ongoing support.

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