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Supporter Spotlight: Marcia Kash

Director, writer, actor Marcia Kash sometimes has what she calls “The Starbucks Fantasy.”

“I was born into a theatre family, theatre is in my blood,” she says. “It’s really the only world I have ever known.”

But once in a while, Kash fantasizes about trading a career in the arts for a job making lattes.

“I think about giving it all up and being freed from a career where there is always so much on the line; the uncertainty of the next job, moving from one thing to the next, hoping it will lead to something.”

Then she goes to work “and I have a lot of fun and work with fantastic people,” she says. “And I look at other people’s jobs and am grateful for the fact that I don’t know what  I will be doing this time next year.”

Part of being an artist is embracing the uncertainty of the business, Kash says, and that works for her as she has “a very low threshold for boredom.”

She understands, however, that the uncertainty can be deeply challenging for many of her colleagues.

“People are taking a financial hit by being the artists that they are,” she says. “Living this life is a huge sacrifice. It’s a gamble.”

The AFC, Kash says, provides a safety net in an industry where many people don’t have one.

“The AFC provides a sense that there is a community behind you,” she says. “That there is someone out there who has your back.”

The longtime AFC donor says it would be “devastating” to the Canadian entertainment community if The AFC were to cease to exist.

“The things that The AFC is able to provide to people in need at a critical time in their lives are so important,” she says.

Kash often donates to The AFC through the Opening Night Donation option.

“It’s a way of honouring the production,” she explains. “it’s a celebration of an achievement that I think needs to be marked in some way and I also feel that it’s important for me personally to give back on each paycheque. There are good years and there are bad years, but you do what you can.”

In spite of the occasional Starbucks Fantasy, Kash says that she considers herself “extremely fortunate” to be able to make a living in this business.

“I am one of the lucky ones.”

The AFC is extremely grateful to Marcia Kash for her ongoing support.

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