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The Actors’ Fund of Canada rebrands as The AFC to communicate its mission of compassionate emergency assistance to all members of Canada’s entertainment industry

TORONTO, Ont., – Feb. 1, 2016 – Today, Fiona Reid, President of the Board of Directors, announced that the Actors’ Fund of Canada has evolved its branding and will now be known simply as The AFC. The AFC assists more than 200 Canadian entertainment professionals and their families each year and has provided financial assistance to over 12,000 professionals across Canada since it was founded in 1958. The AFC provides over $500,000 a year in compassionate aid to Canadian entertainment professionals helping them maintain their health, dignity and ability to work.

“We’ve simplified our message: previously known as the Actors’ Fund of Canada, we’re rebranding as The AFC to be more inclusive” says Fiona Reid, award-winning actor and President of the Board of Directors. “The AFC was founded by actors with a mandate to provide emergency financial assistance to all who work professionally in the arts and entertainment industry. It’s for everyone working in all aspects of film, television, theatre, music and dance when illness, injury or other personal or professional hardship has compromised their health, housing or ability to work,” says Reid.

“Most entertainment industry professionals work on contract or in temporary jobs with little income stability. Even the most established artists and technicians can find themselves in a precarious financial position. The AFC is a real lifeline for those in our community and helps to keep the lights on and food on the table,” says David Hope, Executive Director of The AFC.

The rebranding will be unveiled to the entertainment community and to the general public on February 1 across the country. The AFC is grateful to TAXI for its generous assistance with the design and development of its new brand.

The launch of the rebrand has two key goals: To increase awareness of their mandate; and to encourage support from industry members and from arts audiences across the country. By speaking to a wider and more diverse audience, The AFC will grow its public profile within the entertainment industry across Canada particularly to industry members who aren’t familiar with what The AFC does for their community. It will also encourage arts lovers to lend a hand to those who make the entertainment they enjoy, when they need a lifeline to keep working and creating.


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