Opening Night Donations

The first performance of a theatrical production is a very special time and what better way to celebrate the opening night than by supporting a charity that helps members of the theatre community bounce back from adversity? 

A gift to The AFC on opening night is a great way to acknowledge someone (or everyone in the theatre company) whose work has helped to get you there. Performers, technicians, directors, and designers who work in Canadian theatre with companies like Belfry Theatre, Lighthouse Festival Theatre, Mirvish Productions, Shaw Festival, Stratford Festival, Two Planks and a Passion, and many, many more all support The AFC.

Simply fill out the information below or call The AFC toll-free 1.877.399.8392 and we will send an acknowledgement to the theatre to be posted on the call board for opening night. To ensure that your greeting makes it to the theatre in time, please submit your opening night donation at least one business day before opening night.