ITA’s provision for benefit performances

8.01 Benefit performances (excerpt from the Independent Theatre Agreement 2015 to 2018) 

Members of Equity may rehearse for and play in benefits without remuneration only for the Actors’ Fund of Canada [The AFC.] There shall be at least one (1) Actors’ Fund of Canada benefit per season. Alternatively, the Theatre may organize another activity (such as curtain speeches designed to solicit individual donations from the audience) to benefit the Actors’ Fund of Canada.

A benefit performance is a regularly scheduled performance, or one in addition to the regular schedule of performances, for which the proceeds are donated to the Actors’ Fund of Canada. A Theatre may, with a minimum of two (2) weeks’ notice to the Artists which shall be copied to Equity, schedule an extra performance, that is to say a ninth performance in a regular engagement week, or a performance on a normal free day, as a benefit performance for the Actors’ Fund of Canada. In such performances, Equity artists will take part without additional remuneration. Provided that an Actors’ Fund of Canada benefit performance has been scheduled for that season, the Theatre may schedule other benefit performances with the prior written approval of Equity.