Personal Support and Advocacy

Talk things through

Learn how to get help

Build your support system

Anyone in the arts and entertainment community can call for compassionate, confidential, non-judgmental support with a tough situation.

We can help people carve out a viable path to improved well-being and connect them with existing support systems and resources.

We can help with things like:

  • accessing community services and other resources
  • helping find ways to deal with change, illness, loss
  • identifying strategies to cope with stress
  • developing tools to tackle problem situations at work or at home
  • assessing your situation and advocating for you or with you
  • referrals to trusted support organizations
  • information on mental health resources, housing, healthcare options and help navigating the system

Reach out to speak to a caring support worker today.

1-877-399-8392 | contact@afchelps.ca

Resources and Support Services Information

We’ve gathered information on services and resources on crisis intervention, mental health support, income assistance, housing, and food banks. Check out our resources hub to learn more.

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