Personal Finance Apps

Apps to help keep tabs on money, track spending, and develop good financial habits

  • Mint

Mint brings together everything from spending, balances, and budgets to your credit score and more. Access your financial life in one powerful app. Easily connect all your accounts. From cash and credit to loans and investments, you can see your complete financial picture in Mint. They help you stay on top of your accounts, bills, and subscriptions. Get notified when your subscription costs increase and when bills are due. Start saving more today. Easily create your budget in Mint. We’ll automatically categorize your transactions so you don’t have to.

  • KOHO

KOHO is a Fintech company rooted in the belief that better financial solutions for all Canadians exist. We’ve set out to build it for all Canadians, from Tofino to Fogo Island. No hidden fees, no fine print, no catch — just the ultimate way to spend and save.

  • Wally

Wally centralizes all your accounts so you can learn, manage, and improve your finances.

  • PocketGaurd

The main idea behind PocketGuard is to help customers spend less than they earn. That’s why they have made the IN MY POCKET feature. They crunch the numbers to show how much spendable money you have after setting aside enough for bills, goals and necessities. Organize your bills and other spending into sections. Customize your budget the way you want by creating as many sections as you need.