Financial Health in Canada’s TV, Film and Theatre Industries: A Survey

The AFC is conducting a national survey to understand more about entertainment industry workers and household finances.

We want to learn more about the whole picture of the workforce – where are people working, what do they do, and how are they managing their finances? The research we do today will help us plan our future. We want to ensure that The AFC is a strong lifeline, providing our core service – emergency financial aid – for years to come. We’ll also use this information to identify or create programs and services that will be meaningful and helpful.

Tell us about yourself! Your replies will be crucial to us as we learn more about the community we serve, and develop new ways to help in the years ahead. Our new Financial Wellness Program is just one of the many ways that The AFC could be there for you and your colleagues in the future as we build towards our vision of a healthy, supported entertainment industry. So even if you’ve never used The AFC in the past and never use it in the future, your response is still important.

This survey is for anyone who works as a union or guild member in TV, film, and theatre, but The AFC remains committed to serving all professionals in Canadian TV, film, music, theatre and dance. We are limiting the scope of this particular research project, but we hope that the findings will benefit all members of the entertainment industry.

Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey. Share it with your colleagues and friends, and encourage everyone to spend a little time supporting The AFC by filling it out. The survey closes August 11. The more we learn about the workforce today, the more we can do to support the community in the future. It’s anonymous, it’s quick, and it’s your chance to be a part of this crucial research!

Take the survey now