Alexey Pankratov

“The AFC gave me the peace of mind I needed in order to focus on my recovery”

– Alexey Pankratov

After getting involved in a severe bicycle accident last summer, I found myself in a critical state at St Michael’s Hospital. I had undergone brain surgery, had a fractured clavicle and I was unable to move.

Needless to say, getting back on your feet after a traumatic brain injury is extremely hard. Being unable to play the violin at the time, I had to back out of several upcoming contracts and opera productions. As a self-employed musician, this put me in a very challenging financial state.

My friends and colleagues had heard of The AFC and applied for assistance for me. Thankfully, The AFC accepted my application and provided me with the help I needed the most at the time, covering my bills and rent. I can hardly imagine having gone through that financially challenging period without their assistance. It gave me the peace of mind I needed in order to focus on my recovery.

I am grateful to The AFC for their generous support and help. I believe I am a great example of how well this support system works for self-employed professionals of the entertainment industry.