Brodie Stevenson

“I felt supported at one of the lowest and most stressful points in my life.”

– Brodie Stevenson

While riding my bike on my way home, I hit a pothole. I was thrown off my bike and fractured my right arm on impact. The financial assistance from The AFC helped me cover my living expenses in the month following my accident while I was completely unable to work and helped with my physiotherapy costs afterwards.

The AFC was a lifesaver. Their help allowed me to pay rent and eat while I was barely able to look after myself. The AFC also supported me in covering the costs of my initial rehabilitation as I was unable to work.

The AFC changed the worst of possible outcomes from my accident into something that while incredibly painful was at least manageable. I felt supported at one of the lowest and most stressful points in my life and for that, I am forever grateful.

The consequences would be dire if The AFC were not able to continue the work they do. The performing arts sector as a whole is in a much more vulnerable position than other industries as the economy of art production is often based on sub-standard rates and barely offers any job security. As such, it is imperative that organizations like The AFC are able to continue to offer support to artists and entertainment industry members.

The AFC is quite literally a life-changing organization that helps one of the most vulnerable sectors of Canadian economy, thus adding an untold amount to the cultural diversity and richness of our society.