Brodie Wilkinson

“The AFC is an organization that supports the entire community. ”

– Brodie Wilkinson
Camera crane technician

In March 2017, my fiancée and I were in a motor vehicle accident while passengers in a taxi cab returning home from the airport after a two-week volunteer mission in Guatemala. In the blink of an eye, events put us in an ambulance rather than home in our own beds.

We both experienced significant injuries, my fiancée’s required surgery and hospitalization.  At the time my ankle was diagnosed with a severe sprain, leaving me on crutches, which prevented me from returning to work as a camera crane technician in the Vancouver film industry.

An automotive accident disrupts so many areas of your life. In the aftermath some aspects clearly take priority over finances. Unfortunately, expenses not only continue, but actually increase. Thankfully The AFC helped us relieve some of those financial stresses. Especially when neither my partner nor I could work.

I returned to work in a partial capacity after five weeks and at a much later date discovered that my ankle was actually fractured.  Eight months later, my fiancée has not returned to work.

The AFC helped us financially in the short term with money for our mortgage, auto insurance, medical treatments and immediate living expenses. It was some much needed financial assistance during a particularly stressful time in life. It gave me the opportunity to concentrate on the care of my partner in the aftermath of the accident.

I have a close friend to thank for telling me about The AFC, which had also helped him in the past. I otherwise would have had no idea that the support was available. I would say to members of the entertainment community that contributing to and supporting The AFC is a simple way to ensure that the people you work with — and potentially rely on to make your living — have a place to turn when they need.  The AFC is an organization that supports the entire community. You never know, when you least expect it, The AFC will be there for you.