Cai Glover

“I can hear the music thanks to The AFC”

– Cai Glover

As a hard of hearing contemporary dancer, there are many challenges that I must face and overcome within a career that is dependent upon my hearing and interpretation of music.

Two years ago my work as an artist was being severely compromised by my hearing devices. My implant (right ear) and my hearing device (left ear) would stop working after two hours of dancing, due to overexposure to moisture (sweat), and I could hear absolutely nothing. My abilities as a dancer were suffering as I tried to function without the use of my hearing.

When a “water resistant” upgrade for my implant became available I was ecstatic at the possibility. But the high price tag attached to the upgrade made it seem unreachable until I approached The AFC for assistance.

The upgrade, thanks to The AFC’s compassionate support, has had an indelible effect on my career. It has stabilized my hearing, my job opportunities and my artistic growth. I’m now working more than ever before and I’m incredibly thankful to The AFC for helping me to overcome the barriers of my disability and maximize my abilities as a dancer.