Chala Hunter

“The AFC’s swift compassionate aid meant I was able to get back to work!”

– Chala Hunter
Actor, Creator, Producer

I had been dealing with incoming wisdom teeth for over a year, but last year while I was performing in a show they started to cause me terrible jaw/face tension and migraines: the pain was severely affecting my ability to work. I knew I had to get the four wisdom teeth out as soon as possible, but I couldn’t afford the cost.

Thanks to help from The AFC, I was able to take care of this dental health issue without compromising my ability to pay rent or buy groceries. The AFC’s swift compassionate aid also meant that I was able to honour an upcoming contract and get back to work!

I’m so thankful that the physical and mental strain of this issue is gone for the next… ever! My situation was a time-sensitive dental emergency, but an unexpected crisis could happen to any one of us at any time–that’s why I have and will continue to donate what I can to support The AFC.

Artists and entertainment professionals need The AFC because the lives we lead are often held in a precarious balance with little financial stability. Humanity has always nourished the human spirit with art: supporting The AFC means supporting the creation of that which nourishes us all.