Christina Jennifer Lee

“The AFC inspired me to become a stronger dancer”

– Christina Jennifer Lee

As a dancer you learn very early on how important it is to take care of your body.

For over 16 years I have loved being able to dance and teach professionally all over the world. All that changed in an instant when I fell and fractured my right hip during what I thought would be just a routine day spending time with friends.

An injury like this would be difficult for anyone, but it was devastating for my career as a dancer. After I underwent the surgery needed to repair my hip, I was told I wouldn’t be able to walk for two months and they wouldn’t even tell me when I would be dancing again. It was the worst pain I’d ever felt both physically and emotionally. It hurt to even talk about it.

Unable to even take care of myself, I turned to The AFC.

Along with amazing support, they provided me with medication, assistive devices and transportation, help with cell phone bills and medical visits to help ease my pain. I was able to have a sense of independence in a situation where I needed to be cared for 24/7.

I think that if The AFC wasn’t there many artists would be forced to leave the community. Personally, The AFC has inspired me to heal and become a stronger dancer. I am so grateful to have received assistance. It gave me light during a very dark period and I am happy to say I am now on my road to recovery. Keeping art alive in our community is so important: The gift of art is the gift of life.

The AFC inspired me to become a stronger dancer


“The AFC gave me hope when I was hopeless”

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