Claire Wootten

“When our situation felt dire, The AFC was there to help”

– Claire Wootten
Dance Educator

The AFC came to the rescue during my bumpy transition to post-performing life. My husband at the time was an actor and I had just returned to school. We picked up work where and when possible, but staying afloat with any consistency was an enormous struggle. At one particularly low point, we pawned bits of old jewelry to buy some essentials. More than once we turned to The AFC to pay our rent and utilities.

The journey towards ‘making it’ in the arts can include periods where jobs are few and far between. The AFC is a compassionate lifeline which provides assistance to those who would otherwise fall through the cracks – people who may have the talent and passion for a successful career but not the financial resources to carry them through a rough patch. I am forever grateful to The AFC for giving us a ‘leg up’ when our situation felt dire. Please give generously to The AFC.