Craig McWade

“The AFC was a blessing in a time of genuine need”

– Craig McWade

While working as a Grip, I slipped and fell on ice while transferring gear in bad weather conditions. I landed hard on my right elbow causing a sprain to my rotator cuff and shoulder. I kept working even with the injury, but the pain was so severe that it sent me to the hospital the next day.

I was diagnosed with a bruised and sprained shoulder/rotator cuff and told I would be unable to work for two weeks. While waiting for my Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) compensation to be paid I found I was unable to pay my rent and was facing eviction if payment should not promptly arrive. Stressed, injured and broke I contacted The AFC.

The AFC’s assistance made a huge difference to my situation. The emergency funding they provided me with allowed me to stay in my home, buy food, keep my phone working and get to medical appointments. The weight of the situation started to lift off my shoulders.

As film & TV crew, we like to think that we’re prepared for any condition that a set could throw at us, but the truth is you never know when a situation could happen to render you vulnerable. For the Canadian film & television community The AFC is a blessing in a time of genuine need. I’m so grateful to the lifeline for Canada’s entertainment industry for helping me out. Please donate what you can to support The AFC.