Eileen Cunningham

“The AFC is our charity and they’ve got our back”

– Eileen Cunningham
Scenic Painter, Scenic Artist

I have no regrets. I’ve worked for over 21 years (mostly in Vancouver) as a scenic painter and scenic artist in the paint department for film and TV productions. I’m getting up there in years, but I would have continued working if it had not been for serious medical problems with my ankles and feet.

Unable to work, the added medical costs (like an ankle brace) meant I was barely scraping by. My family helped with food bills as much as they could, but when short-term disability from my union ran out I was really stressed out about how I was going to afford to live. I needed to turn to The AFC for additional support.

The fact that The AFC is there as a lifeline for all members of the entertainment industry when they are facing a crisis situation is very comforting. I got short-term help from The AFC with housing, phone bills, food, utilities and medical expenses and, very importantly, I was able to keep my health insurance.

I wanted to tell my story to let everyone in the entertainment industry know that The AFC is our charity and they’ve got our back. A big thank you to The AFC for helping me out. I will definitely contribute when I can and I encourage you to do the same.