Florence Shustack

“The help The AFC provided allowed me to concentrate on healing”

– Florence Shustack
Singer, Musician, Vocal Coach

As a versatile vocalist, vocal coach and bandleader, with over 35 years of professional experience, it’s no secret that I love what I do.

What happened earlier this year is still something of a mystery and agony for me: I began losing my singing voice. I tried every therapy I could find, but as the year progressed my symptoms became worse and I was forced to cancel singing gigs and stop teaching. I was finally diagnosed by a vocal pathologist with “bowed vocal cords.” It was devastating, bewildering and painful. Telling me I’m not allowed to sing was like telling me I wasn’t allowed to breathe. And of course, it’s also my bread and butter!

My Local 547 representative recommended that I contact The AFC and I’m so thankful that I did. The AFC stepped in and provided compassionate aid when I needed it the most. The help The AFC provided allowed me the time and the means to receive important treatments and concentrate on healing.

I’m so very thankful to The AFC for their assistance. When you are self-employed, just knowing that there is a support system out there is a great comfort. The AFC is there to help all professionals in the entertainment industry who are in need, including musicians like me.