Jane Luk

“The AFC gave me the confidence to carry on”

– Jane Luk

At 11:35 p.m. on a Thursday evening, a filling half the size of my tooth fell out as I was flossing. Earlier in the year I had lost all my benefits, including dental, and had no way to pay for the repair. I knew I needed to get the tooth fixed right away to prevent infection, but the dental emergency occurred so close to the end of the month that getting the dental work done meant I would not have enough money for rent.

Like a superhero, The AFC came to my rescue. The AFC’s assistance meant my dentist (who I trust and am familiar with vs. an emergency dentist I wouldn’t know) could do a permanent and professional repair. The procedure saved my tooth! The AFC is truly a compassionate lifeline for artists and entertainment professionals who strive to continue practicing their craft.

I can say first-hand that The AFC has provided me with much-needed assistance on more than one occasion. As full time artists it is an honour to be able to work and create. As artists we juggle the pursuit of our art while maintaining a means to put a roof over our heads and food on our table; The AFC gives us the peace of mind, support and the confidence to carry on.