Jeremiah Sparks

“Thanks to The AFC, I’m 100% back to health”

– Jeremiah Sparks
Pianist, Vocalist, Composer, Actor

While on my way to a theatre in Montreal where I was performing, I fell head over heels down a flight of stairs. I tore my right quadricep and had to have surgery to reattach it. I was told that I wouldn’t be able to walk, let alone perform, for six months.

When I called The AFC, it was like talking to a friend. The difference The AFC made in my life at the time was HUGE! Without The AFC’s help I would have had to worry about things (bills, rent etc.) that would have been a detriment to my healing process. The long term affect (thanks to The AFC) is my leg is 100% back to health.

If for some reason the lifeline for Canada’s entertainment industry was not able to keep pace with the need for emergency assistance, unfortunately people would suffer. It’s reassuring for the entertainment community to know that there IS a safe haven for them when they need it most.

I never imagined before my accident that something like this could happen to me. Now I realize how very important organizations like The AFC are to the whole entertainment community. We are all incredibly fortunate to have a friend like The AFC, so please give generously. Thank you SO MUCH.