Jerry Getty

“The help from The AFC made all the difference in the world”

– Jerry Getty

In April 2015, I had two operations done a couple of days apart. Being self-employed, I didn’t qualify for disability from the government and I had no friends or family who could help me. It took a few months to recover from the surgeries before I could resume work, which put me in a difficult financial situation.

The help from The AFC made all the difference in the world. I literally had nowhere else to turn. The AFC helped, not only in my immediate situation, but also in the long term by helping me not go even further into debt.

I can’t imagine where actors and other industry workers would be if The AFC were not there to help us. We’re not looking for a handout, but when we get to the point where we literally cannot work because of illness or injury (it’s astounding that self-employed actors have no recourse to the government for disability), there is only The AFC and thank goodness for them.

For the vast majority of those working in the entertainment industry, we’re often living week to week and it’s very hard to set aside money for charitable causes. But if we get a chance, I believe The AFC should be very high on our list. The AFC is there for workers when no one is; we are a community, we need to support each other.