Lucy MacLeod

“The AFC is a fantastic support system”

– Lucy MacLeod
Production Manager

As it turned out, an initially promising year turned into one of the worst 11 months of my life.

In June I was admitted to my first (of many) hospital stays and right at the same time my husband lost his job. It was terrible timing, but something we knew would eventually come to an end… it just took WAY longer than we initially hoped!

I was finally released from hospital in September, hopeful to jump right back into life but found myself unable to return to work for months and months on end. With my husband out of work and EI falling short we turned to the lifeline for Canada’s entertainment industry for some help in December.

The AFC -They. Were. Amazing.

Easy to deal with and fast in their decisions they stepped in when we REALLY needed it and afforded us enough time for me to get truly better and return to the Production job I love so much.

Now, feeling better than ever and back at work, I want to say ‘Thank You’ to everyone involved at The AFC . You are a fantastic support system for anyone involved in the entertainment industry experiencing hard times and I, for one, would like to spread the word!

Thank you.