Mark Cowling

“The AFC was a life preserver”

– Mark Cowling

Anxiety and severe depression can really take its toll on you as a person and as an artist. I’ve dedicated myself to the craft of acting for over 30 years in the theatre and, more recently, I’ve also had principal roles in film and TV. I believe that art is very important – to lose it is unthinkable – so I fight every day to continue sharing my talents. But every so often major depression and my panic disorder cause me to struggle with my finances, bills and even basic housing. The industry is so uncertain at times and I felt like I was slowly sinking …

The AFC was, quite simply, a life preserver. Assistance from The AFC with my rent, phone bill, transportation and food made me feel like reinforcements had arrived and I was no longer alone. I think without The AFC some very talented and dedicated people would no longer be able to share their art … which would be tragic.

I’m due to start shooting a film soon and so I’m grateful to The AFC for helping me find the strength to continue sharing my talents. You have helped me more than you know: thank you, thank you, thank you!