Mark Terene

“The AFC is truly a lifesaving entity”

– Mark Terene

The AFC has been a godsend to me and my family over the past 30 years. Without The AFC, I doubt whether I would have been able to continue working in the industry. The AFC helped pay the bills after the loss of a very important contract, supported my family with financial help when my wife and daughter faced serious illness and The AFC’s graciousness and unconditional empathy also helped me when I was very sick with Asthmatic Viral Syndrome and after I injured my back working on another big musical that ‘roared’ into Toronto a few years ago.

Thank God for Equity’s insurance coverage and The AFC. The AFC is truly a lifesaving entity and I know of many other friends and colleagues who would have lost their homes and suffered ill health were it not for the emergency assistance it provides.

As a group of very special people who really have no safety net to fall back on, we need to look after each other. I have been very fortunate lately and this has allowed me the opportunity to donate to The AFC and give back. I truly believe that supporting The AFC is one of the best ways to show we care for one another.

A big thank you from the heart, from myself and my family, to The AFC.