Meagan O’Shea

“The AFC is a real cushion against the uncertainty of the business”

– Meagan O’Shea

I am a dance artist. I slipped coming out of a lift in rehearsal and tore my anterior cruciate ligament as well as doing damage to my knee. This put me in a position where I couldn’t work for a very long time. I had to have surgery and my recovery required a lot of physiotherapy. Because I wasn’t earning any money at the time the cost of my physiotherapy was simply beyond my reach. I went to The AFC and they provided the physiotherapy costs needed to get me back on my feet and bending my knees, and dancing!

The impact of being helped by The AFC during my recovery has been amazing.

If The AFC were unable to assist performers in need, the results for the entertainment community would be dire. In my case, not only would I not have been able to go back to dancing, I wouldn’t even have been able to recover from the injury to a pedestrian level and would suffer the consequences of chronic imbalances, limping, difficulty climbing stairs, and weakened muscles for the rest of my life.

The arts contribute so much to society as a whole. Artists get paid so little, and ask for the bare minimum from The AFC when they need it. Donating to the lifeline for Canada’s entertainment industry is a case of a little going a long way: the results can be experienced every time one listens to music, goes to the theatre or enjoys a dance performance.