Meher Pavri

“Thanks for having my back – literally.”

– Meher Pavri
Musician, Actor

As a full-time musician and actor, staying healthy and keeping your body in top shape is a must. It can also be a challenge when a freak accident occurs and you have no benefits.

I was away in Germany and was in a car accident in which I experienced whiplash and back pain. The car was totaled and I was lucky to be alive. I needed physiotherapy right away, but also didn’t have the means to fund it. That’s when I remembered hearing about The AFC – the lifeline for Canada’s entertainment industry.

I called The AFC up and they were extremely kind, helpful, supportive and knowledgeable. With their support, physiotherapy is now well under way and, thankfully, I’ll be able to continue with my next contract which involves a lot of dance and movement.

I don’t know what I would have done without their help and The AFC’s knowledgeable staff. We are so lucky, as performers, to have something like this supporting us. My body is healing and I feel so grateful that The AFC even exists. Thanks for having my back – literally!