Nadeem Phillip

“The AFC is one of the only places we can turn to for help”

– Nadeem Phillip

In 2015, I had two surgeries back to back, leaving me unable to work for a few months.

The AFC helped me pay a month’s worth of expenses. The alleviation of my financial responsibilities definitely made my healing process smoother. If I hadn’t received help from The AFC, I would have gone into debt just trying to live day to day after my surgeries – and would still be paying it off.

If The AFC were unable to keep pace with the need for assistance, it would be bad news for those in the arts community. Many of us are contractors and therefore ineligible for employment insurance. Dedicated and beloved artists would be totally screwed through no fault of their own.

If you attend the theatre or watch TV or film, then you are a supporter of the arts. The arts cannot be brought to you for your enjoyment and entertainment without healthy artists. Please help support artists in states of crises by supporting The AFC – it is one of the only places we can turn to for help.