Pat Canavan

“The support from The AFC was beneficial in the long term: it gave us the time we required to change our life plan.”

– Pat Canavan
Musician, Composer

It was a perfect storm that we didn’t foresee. Having an unexpected medical issue led to a work slowdown and failure to secure recurring arts funding led us into a very desperate situation all at once.

The way prices for apartments have become in Toronto, our landlord was eager to get tenants out of the building. We were faced with eviction. The AFC helped us pay the rent and keep our family in our home. This very important, especially with two pre-teen kids to support.

The support we received from The AFC allowed us to refocus our efforts and energies. This was beneficial in the long term: it gave us the time we required to change our life plan and embark on better and more secure opportunities.

The AFC helped us out when we had no alternatives and nowhere else to turn. No safety net is in place to help out artists who are actively engaging in their careers while supporting a family. If The AFC could not keep up with the need for emergency assistance during one of the most significant financial upheavals facing the arts, the effects would be devastating.

Please consider supporting The AFC. The gift you give goes directly to helping artists in need and empowers them when there are no other options. Your gift is an investment because The AFC reviews each application mindfully and provides security where there are no other options. And as someone who needed this help, the feeling of relief was like a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders.