Peter Charlebois

“The AFC is a bridge to better health”

– Peter Charlebois

In the winter of 2014, I was just starting to get better from a rare spinal infection which damaged my vertebrae. I was eager to get back to work after being off for a long time, when I slipped and fell on ice and fractured my right ankle.

This fall would have been a huge setback even under normal circumstances, but on top of my spine damage it was overwhelming. My family and friends helped as much as they could, but I just couldn’t keep up with my bills.

The AFC’s assistance was really a major stress relief to me. They came through with money for my bills and my health insurance payments so I could keep my benefits and get the treatment I needed to get better and get back to work. The way I see it, The AFC is a bridge to better health.

If The AFC wasn’t there, I think that people might be forced to do desperate things. A lot of people don’t know about The AFC until they need it, so I’m telling you my story so you’ll know all the good things the lifeline for Canada’s entertainment industry has done for me and for so many others. My thanks to everyone who gives what they can to support The AFC.