Sabryn Rock

“When emergency surgery took me out of commission, The AFC had my back”

– Sabryn Rock

When I found out that I was going to need knee surgery for an injury I had received while doing a show the year before I was in a panic. It was a last minute, last resort decision which did not leave me any time to set myself up financially for the recovery. When I was told that as a best case scenario I would be immobile for the better part of six weeks I had no idea how I was going to pay my bills and afford medication during that period.

When I came to The AFC I didn’t feel I had many options. I can’t overemphasize how great my experience with them was. Those I spoke to at The AFC gave me reassurance and encouragement which made my situation feel less daunting and intimidating

The AFC was able to help me out financially until my insurance kicked in, providing a compassionate safety net while I was in a period of limbo. If the money had not been available to me I most likely would have rushed back to work before my body was ready simply because of financial pressures; this could have resulted in further injury or undone any rehabilitation I had gone through. Instead I was able to feel secure and be patient with myself and put my energy into getting my instrument, i.e. my body, back to good health.

I am a wonderful example of someone who desperately needed help and didn’t have many options. I thank God The AFC was able to help me and am so grateful for the assistance. When you give to the lifeline for Canada’s entertainment industry you are helping down and out artists, young and old get back on their feet and back into the community as fast as possible. I am a more humble and compassionate person because of The AFC. I cannot wait to get back to work so I can give, give, GIVE back to The AFC.