Sally Cahill

“The long-term benefits from the assistance I received from The AFC are immeasurable”

– Sally Cahill

A few years ago I suffered a severe hand injury, which led to surgery, a huge cast on my arm and lots of physiotherapy. I was unable to do any work on camera with the cast and had to put on hold my other sources of income (painting and creating painting classes for kids). When a good friend and longtime union member suggested I look into help from The AFC, I took her advice.

With the assistance that I got from The AFC, I was able to pay bills, take care of my family and relieve a great deal of stress as I focused on my physiotherapy and worked on getting better. It was surprising how physically exhausting therapy can be even when you are just working on your hand. There were times when I would come home from a session and be so tired from it I was unable to move. Knowing that The AFC was not just there for me, but that they understood and cared about my situation meant the world to me.

Receiving help from The AFC helped me recover, as I was able to spend my time focusing on exercises and healing. I now have full use of my hand, with just a little scar, but all the agility I had before. The long-term benefits from the assistance I received from The AFC are immeasurable!

We are so lucky to have The AFC to assist when injuries and other issues happen to artists. Many of us depend on our career not just for the creativity it provides us, but it’s also how we make our living, pay our bills and support our families. Without the help of The AFC, many of us would not be able to continue working in the profession we love.

Because of my own experience of seeing how well The AFC is managed and how timely their aid can be, I am so looking forward to giving back now that I am fully mended and back to work.  I would encourage anyone considering giving to a charity to support The AFC because I know first-hand —pardon the pun — how vital that help can be!