Sarah Weatherwax

“My family and I owe The AFC a huge ‘Thank You!’”

– Sarah Weatherwax
Actor, Voice Teacher

As an actor and voice teacher I need a healthy body to do my work. Last year I sought help for a hurt ankle and received the bad news that I had completely torn one of my tendons. I needed major reconstructive surgery that would leave me unable to work for at least three months.

Adding to the financial stress was the fact that my partner, Eileen, a Post-Production Supervisor, was between jobs at the same time I was in recovery. With two little boys to care for and no money coming in we had nowhere to turn…until I remembered The AFC, a charity I have donated to for the past 15 years which assists all entertainment professionals.

The AFC came through with generous financial assistance allowing us to meet our minimum payments and keep up with the cost of daycare for our children. This experience has made me realize how easily and quickly a seemingly healthy family can become financially vulnerable.

When I began donating all those years ago, I never envisioned myself needing assistance. 15 years later, I did. And I am so grateful. My family and I owe The AFC a huge ‘Thank You!’