Shannon Nielsen

“The AFC makes a difference in people’s lives.”

– Shannon Nielsen
First Aid/Craft Service

In 2016 my life became unmanageable. I had been working in the film industry for nearly 10 years, and drugs were everywhere on sets. When life got overwhelming, I turned to alcohol and drugs to cope with stress. It was all I knew. Addiction took everything from me, and after hitting rock bottom and not seeing any way out of my problems, I found The AFC.

The AFC provided me with financial assistance to take a 6-week outpatient addiction treatment program that changed my entire life.

The assistance from The AFC gave me the strength and courage I needed to heal myself. I was so broken at the time I reached out to The AFC, and now I am on a new adventure to help others suffering from addiction. My partner decided to get sober with me, and together we opened our own recovery centre called A Fine Balance Recovery. I will be forever grateful for the opportunities The AFC’s compassionate support gave me.

Addiction is a very serious problem in our industry and the creative community, and many people suffer in silence until they are left with nothing. Without the help from The AFC, many people would never get a chance to turn things around.

The AFC makes a difference in people’s lives. I would be dead from addiction if I had not received help from this charity. It changed not only my life but the lives of those around me. Sometimes one small kindness is all it takes to change someone’s entire world.