Sharman Yarnell

“The AFC was my friend at a time of my deepest need”

– Sharman Yarnell

In August 2014, my husband, an actor, passed away after an illness that kept him and me, also an actor, from working for months.

I never knew death was so expensive. I was absolutely numb in the last weeks prior to my husband’s death and it was even worse after he died. I couldn’t think or process anything properly. The AFC simply moved in and took over. They were so kind on the phone with me when I kept breaking down.

Asking for help is something I would not normally do, nor would my husband, but it was offered to me when I had nowhere else to turn. Knowing that certain bills were taken care of and knowing that I would not have to move from the home I lived in with my husband for so many years gave me the ability to concentrate on pulling myself together and finally reach out for work. It helped so much emotionally because if I’d had to worry about how I would pay my bills, along with the terrible loss of my best friend, I truly believe I could not have gone on.

I will never forget what The AFC did for me – they were my friend at a time of my deepest need.

I would urge people in and out of the entertainment business to contribute in any way they can to The AFC. Without The AFC, many talented people in the industry facing a crisis would simply have to give up and not return to the job they love – a job that gives so many Canadians such spiritual fulfilment and enjoyment.