Shawn Doyle

“Were The AFC not there, our community would stand to lose a lot of talented people”

– Shawn Doyle

In my early twenties, my empty bank account made it impossible to care for my teeth properly. The neglect caught up me within a few years and, suddenly, my mouth needed major TLC. I had serious problems to deal with. I remember being completely shocked that I, a new kid on the scene, would get the same respect and consideration as anyone else. The AFC completely covered all the necessary dental work, and saved several of my teeth!

In subsequent years I never had to call on it again, but my experience with the lifeline for Canada’s entertainment industry contributed to my growing sense of community and security, particularly in those lean years!

Were The AFC not there for us, our community could stand to lose a wealth of talented people, forced to leave the industry to seek other ways out of their troubles.

We are blessed to have a compassionate organization like The AFC to help protect our creative ambitions. Let’s hope that, should you ever need The AFC, it is as strong and vital in the future as it is now.